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Sample Hazardous Waste Disposal Projects

While we do a great amount of work for Federal Express, one particular station called us with an emergency spill that occurred on one of their trucks. It was a caustic solution that had broken open and spilled inside the truck. This solution was corrosive and was all over the metal truck floor. We responded to the cleanup, neutralized the solution, containerized the spill and cleaned up the truck in time so as not to delay the delivery of the remaining packages.

Even though this was a small spill, FedEx knew they could count on us to be there promptly to solve the problem.

“We just want to show our appreciation for coming over to help us with the corrosive spill in the truck recently. It’s great to have you around, even just to call with a question and you are always so willing to help.” – FedEx

We were contacted by a very prominent high school in Northern NJ who were referred to us by another school that we continue to do labpack work for. Based on their recommendation, this high school insisted that only we were to do the work for them, not only because of our fair pricing, but because of our excellent job performance.

They had an extremely large and involved lab pack project that required removal of old laboratory chemicals. The chemicals had been at the school for years and due to their age and risk of danger to the students, the cleanup was now warranted. Due to the sensitivity of the project, the school requested we do the work during a small window of opportunity when the school would be closed and there would be minimal staff on site. We came in during that time and over a two day period we safely containerized the chemicals for their ultimate removal and disposal.

The school was extremely pleased that we were able to deliver our reliable service during the specified time that worked best for them. As a result, we will be handling all of the waste chemical cleanouts and labpacks every year at that time.

We had done some disposal work for a plater in Brooklyn, NY who recently closed shop. This plater had referred us to another plater that he knew in NJ whose facility had been inspected by the EPA and multiple violations were found. We were called in to assess the situation at the plant and try to help the owner into compliance. We went there and addressed the violations. We instructed the owner how he could get his workers the necessary training they needed and how to safely containerize wastes. We helped him obtain an EPA ID# so he could have his hazardous wastes removed. When the wastes were safely containerized we ensured that they were all properly labeled and dated.

The wastes are now safely stored and removed on a regularly scheduled basis. The owner was schooled into compliance.

On a regular basis we arrange for the removal and disposal of a controlled substance from a local health care facility. Since this is a controlled substance, the disposal (incineration) of the material must be witnessed by a representative of the DEA. Based on our discreet and finely scheduled service we are able to have the material removed during a mutually convenient time for both generator and DEA representative who both must accompany the waste disposal vehicle to the incinerator and witness its destruction. This client has very specific needs that must be completed within a very fine timeline.

Since we regularly perform work at the local airports, we must be fingerprinted and have a background check performed on an annual basis. This was helpful when we were recently hired to remove and dispose of drummed waste at an area Naval Base. We were hired due to our attentiveness to the client’s needs and their specific scheduling for contractors. Our paperwork and contractor requirements to handle the job were in order so we were able to smoothly get onto the base and remove the waste materials.

The client received their paperwork and certificates of disposal as they requested.