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Waste Disposal Services in the Tri-State area since 1987

Waste Disposal Services From City Disposal

Our Waste Disposal Services are used by a number of large industries including:

We are happy to take on any sized chemical disposal project and apply our years of experience working with the industries mentioned above. Whether you need us to dispose of your laboratory chemicals, dangerous pesticides, or hazardous shipments of cargo, City Disposal has a trained team of experts to handle any given situation. Get in touch with us today and learn how we can help with our waste disposal services!

Toxic Waste Removal for Schools and Townships

City Disposal’s toxic waste removal services have been used by high schools, universities, townships and private industry as well.
High schools and universities will often go through chemicals very quickly for various experiments or projects. It is our job to safely and quickly dispose of any unused chemical waste. We provide lab pack services to help these schools safely remove their old chemicals and properly dispose of them while following federal regulations.
Our work with townships often consists of disposing of harmful lead base paint chip lining from public pools and also working with water treatment plants to ensure the proper methods of chemical disposal.

Chemical Disposal for Military, Trucking Companies, and more!

City Disposal also handles proper chemical disposal for army bases, trucking companies, shipping companies, and private industries.
People ship hazardous materials through the postage every single day. If a shipping company cannot deliver a package for one reason or another, we will come in and properly dispose of it. If a trucking company leaves behind hazardous waste at a warehouse, it is also our job to clean up the mess to comply with federal regulations.
City Disposal’s services have significantly expanded since we first began in 1987. We have completed over 1,000 different projects since then without any liens, fines, or insurance claims. Work with us and learn why we’re a leading provider of waste disposal services in the Tri-State area!

Words From Our Clients

Air-Clean, Inc.

“City Disposal has been our primary Haz Mat disposal service for over 15 years. They have always provided us with first class service at reasonable prices.”

Riva Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

“City Disposal has been nothing but punctual, professional and convenient. We can always count on them to be reliable, consistent and ready for the task at hand.”

Premium Color Group

“City Disposal takes care of all our disposal needs, from start to
finish. They handle all the paperwork, schedule delivery and follow up
to make sure we are satisfied. A reliable, first-class business run by
first-class people.”


“I’ve used City Disposal for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. No one can match their work ethics.”