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Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in Carlstadt, NJ

If you run a business or lab in Carlstadt, NJ, and you want to help protect the environment of your community, you need to be sure to dispose of all your hazardous waste safely. Whether you’re not sure how to do that or you want to specialize your business and contract a reliable company for your hazardous waste disposal, contact our team at City Disposal.

Full-Service Lab Pack Waste Disposal

If you own or are running a lab, waste disposal might not be as simple as just tossing used items in the garbage. Instead, you must separate out all the different toxic materials, package them separately, and then dispose of them where allowed by state and local regulations. This packaging ensures that dangerous chemicals don’t mix and form even more dangerous substances.

At City Disposal, we can take care of this process for you with our lab pack services. We can identify each material and then classify and package it for you so you don’t have to worry about what can’t go in which containers. We‘ll then remove and dispose of the waste safely, keeping you compliant with the disposal laws.

To learn more about lab packing or our other hazardous waste disposal services, contact our team.