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Welcome to City Disposal, Inc. Your Medical and Hazardous Waste Disposal Company In NY & NJ

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal Solutions in NY & NJ

City Disposal specializes in Hazardous Waste Disposal in the NYC, NJ, LI and the general Tri-State Area. Our clients depend on us for reliable, complete hazardous and medical waste disposal. Our crews are insured, licensed, and OSHA trained to oversee your environmental needs, no matter how big or small the project. Under the guidance of founder and chemical engineering graduate, Joseph Simeone, City Disposal has the expertise to handle your hazardous waste disposal requirements.

Our chemical waste disposal and biological services include hazardous and non-hazardous removal and disposal of soils, sludges, solids, paints, and liquids, in either bulk or drummed form. We also provide general site cleanups, lab pack services (chemical packaging on the customers’ site), medical/biological/pathological/specimen disposal, as well as radioactive waste disposal.

City Disposal has provided our clients reliable, cost-effective service since 1987. Our strength lies in the ability to provide the personal attention you may not be able to receive from larger waste management companies.

City Disposal Manages All Aspects of Hazardous Waste Removal

City Disposal serves a wide variety of institutions requiring hazardous waste disposal, including private companies, schools, hospitals, government agencies, and more. Following a comprehensive consultation with a new client, we take care of every aspect of hazardous waste removal, including the packaging, paperwork, pickup, transportation, and destruction of your waste. Our goal is to provide reliable hazardous waste disposal with a minimum of disruption--often our clients have urgent time considerations (lease termination, school closings, etc.) and at City Disposal we pride ourselves on administering accurate and timely chemical and medical waste disposal services.

Dependable Disposal of Hazardous Waste for Clients Big and Small

City Disposal was founded to give customers, with hazardous waste disposal needs, the same level of care, no matter the size and scope of the project. Our clients trust us because of our speed and professionalism. We have completed over a thousand projects without a single lien, lawsuit, fine, or environmental liability insurance claim, since our founding back in 1987.

Contact us online or call (201) 330-0544 to initiate a no-commitment consultation, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results. Whether you are facing an EPA inspection, have time-sensitive hazardous waste disposal needs, or are on a limited budget, City Disposal is ready to step in and safely remove your hazardous waste.

We at City Disposal, strive to be a dependable, cost effective solution, to your environmental needs. Since 1987, we have continued to provide reliable trouble free turnkey environmental service to our customers. Since the business was founded, we saw a need to establish a foothold in the industry and provide a reliable service, no matter how large or small the project was. It had been our experience, that the small customer was not served with the same level of care, that the large ones were, so we aimed to change that. City Disposal handles every job, regardless of size, with the same manner of attention and importance, that has come to be our trademark. We now look forward to serving your environmental needs.

Joseph Simeone, City Disposal, Inc. founder, is a Chemical Engineering graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has had experience in the industry since 1985. Before starting the business he worked for a waste disposal facility and then another waste disposal firm. The experience gained has allowed him to run a successful firm, that caters to the needs of all clients large and small.

At City Disposal Inc., we offer both non-hazardous and Hazardous Waste Disposal, containers, packaging, transportation, labeling, paperwork preparation and more. Whether your needs involve chemical or biological waste, City Disposal Inc. will securely package and remove your waste, and provide you with the documentation you need to meet EPA  standards. In addition to securely disposing of your waste, we take care to follow all state and federal legislated guidelines for waste manifesting, as well as providing certificates of waste disposal. For customers outside of the tri-state area, we offer off-site consultation services.

Big or small, on a budget, or nearing a deadline, we’re here to provide your business with the highest-quality Waste Disposal services available. Many new customers hear about us through recommendations from other businesses we've served. Visit our Sample Projects and Our Clients pages, to read more about our superior toxic waste disposal, chemical waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, lab pack services, and medical waste disposal. Having assisted schools, hospitals, and private businesses, City Disposal Inc. has years of experience working around clients’ scheduling issues and financial constraints. We can help you stay ecologically responsible and EPA compliant, in a timely manner, and at an affordable rate.

We are insured, licensed, and OHSA trained, to help keep your business’s disposal of hazardous waste safe and discreet. Starting from the founding of the company in 1987 and after having completed over 6,000 projects in New York, New Jersey, and along the entire East coast, and beyond, City Disposal Inc. has had no liens, lawsuits, fines, or environmental liability insurance claims. We look forward to consulting with you, to address your individual concerns, and reliably assisting you with your waste packaging and disposal needs. Call us today, at 201-330-0544, to speak with one of our helpful representatives, or request a quote through our Contact Us page. We take pride in our business, and in helping you with yours.