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Drummed Waste Removal in the Tri-State Area

When you manage a large warehouse or shipping company, you generate much more waste than other businesses — and a standard waste removal dumpster may not be enough. Not only that, but you may generate more hazardous waste than other companies, especially if you work in manufacturing or perform mechanical repairs.

Rely on City Disposal for bulk waste removal in the tri-state area, including drummed waste removal for hazardous materials.

Ensure Compliance

The EPA has various requirements for the disposal of bulk and hazardous waste, which businesses need to follow in order to avoid fines and to prevent damage to the environment. City Disposal can help you meet these requirements by safely disposing of your business’s waste.

Drums are required for a variety of hazardous and chemical waste, and the type of drum depends on the type of material being disposed of. City Disposal offers waste removal for drums of the following types of waste:

  • Flammable/combustible wastes
  • Corrosive wastes
  • Poisons/Toxic Wastes
  • Heavy Metal Contaminated Wastes
  • Oxidizing Wastes

We can also dispose of tanker loads or dump trailer loads of waste. If your business accumulates bulk tanker loads of liquids, or if you operate a business that relies on dangerous chemicals or needs soil disposal, let City Disposal handle the waste removal for you.

Keep Clean

When you work with an outside company to meet your waste disposal needs, you don’t need to worry about hazardous wastes piling up at your location. We can schedule bulk waste removal depending on your business’s needs, whether you need weekly, monthly, or annual waste removal.

With regular waste pick-ups, you can keep your premises clean and in compliance with local and federal guidelines — you don’t need to worry about being caught off guard by an inspection or a visit from a supervisor or client.

To learn more about our waste removal services, contact City Disposal at (201) 330-0544 for a free estimate.

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