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Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
in New York City, NY

Handling waste and garbage for your business can be a pain. In addition, the process can actually be dangerous. If your business produces hazardous waste and you don’t know exactly how to categorize and dispose of it, let the professionals at City Disposal help you out. We can help every business from small to large with their hazardous waste disposal in New York City, NY.

What Is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is basically any type of waste that may harm humans or the environment. This can be anything from chemicals produced at school labs to batteries thrown away in offices. The types of waste include:

  • Toxic waste
  • Acute hazardous waste
  • Ignitable waste
  • Corrosive waste
  • Reactive waste

These all pose a risk to humans and to the environment, so you need to dispose of them properly to keep everyone safe. These types can be further broken down into different characteristics:

  • Ignitibility: The waste is hazardous if it’s flammable.
  • Corrosiveness: If the waste can decompose or rust, it’s hazardous.
  • Reactivity: Any waste that’s explosive is hazardous.
  • Toxicity: Hazardous waste includes anything poisonous.

City Disposal has over 32 years of experience dealing with these types of wastes safely, so let us take that stress away from you. Don’t try to dispose of these dangerous materials yourself — you need to trust the experts. We handle identifying, classifying, packaging, transporting, and disposing of the waste. Call us at (201) 330-0544 for hazardous waste disposal services in New York City, NY.