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Medical Waste Cleanup : Fall Services

Medical Waste Cleanup : Fall Services

Bio medical waste disposal in NY can be complicated. The regulations change often and need to be followed to the letter. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can mean expensive legal fees, loss of business and reputation, and — worst of all –illness or injury to your staff and your patients. No medical facility willingly harms their staff and patients. We all want the best for those who work for us and those we serve. Improper medical waste disposal is most often the result of lack of
time, manpower, and understanding of the proper procedures and protocols.

This is where City Disposal comes in.

Our team of hazardous waste removal experts are trained in the latest bio medical waste disposal techniques and are eager to remove the waste problem from your to-do list. This fall, contact us to learn how we can clean out your facility in preparation for the winter months.

In case you are still unsure how we can help you, here’s a quick review of our services.

Fall Services For Medical: City Disposal:

  • Disposal of pathogens, sharps, and other medical bio-hazardous materials
  • Decanting services for chemical waste
  • Waste management consulting: assessment, implementation, and follow through

Here is how the process will work. When you call City Disposal to discuss your needs, we will send a specialist to your facility to assess the waste management disposal needs. After walking through your facility and getting a clear understanding of your needs, our team will write up a management proposal. Once the proposal is approved by your team, we will provide the needed containers and packaging and offer decanting services if necessary. Once all the needed on-site work is complete, our team will dispose of the waste — in adherence with state and EPA regulations.

Call us to get started before the cold weather today.

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Words From Our Clients

Air-Clean, Inc.

“City Disposal has been our primary Haz Mat disposal service for over 15 years. They have always provided us with first class service at reasonable prices.”

Riva Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

“City Disposal has been nothing but punctual, professional and convenient. We can always count on them to be reliable, consistent and ready for the task at hand.”

Premium Color Group

“City Disposal takes care of all our disposal needs, from start to
finish. They handle all the paperwork, schedule delivery and follow up
to make sure we are satisfied. A reliable, first-class business run by
first-class people.”


“I’ve used City Disposal for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. No one can match their work ethics.”