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Waste Disposal Services in the Tri-State area since 1987

Paint Disposal

waste paint disposal services in New York and New Jersey

City Disposal is able to provide paint disposal as well as all other types of hazardous waste removal services to a great many companies in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey.  We have been working in the Tri-State area for 3 decades and can cater to any amount or type of hazardous material you may have.  We have established relationships with everyone from privately owned companies to large government agencies, as well as hospitals.

We don’t believe our job is done until we have taken care of each and every aspect of the hazardous waste removal process.  This includes the packaging of the waste, all the way through to its removal and disposal/destruction.  We see it as a great responsibility to both our customers and the environment, that all guidelines are met and that we are compliant with all relevant legislation.

At City Disposal we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our customers is a timely and efficient manner.  If the removal of your waste paint is time specific we will do our best to meet any and all timelines provided.  We see it as a badge of honor that we have worked with long term clients in the New York, Long Island and New Jersey area for many years without error or delayed waste removal.

The waste paint disposal service that we offer to all of our clients will allow you to keep your business compliant with all legal and environmental concerns.  Not only will we ensure that you are completely up to code and can avoid any costly fines following inspections from the environmental protection agency (EPA), or your State agency, we can also help you to reduce costs by being your one stop hazardous waste removal service.

Our team has a clean compliance record since our inception in 1987 and each and every member of our team is fully trained to conform to OHSA and EPA waste management standards.  We only hire qualified professionals that know exactly what they are doing.  We take the process of paint disposal and all types of hazardous waste removal and disposal very seriously and we are always looking to update our methods and the tools we use to the most modern and reliable.  Through constantly trying to exceed our client’s expectations you can trust us to do the job right, every time.

Waste Paint Disposal for Businesses

We can create individual solutions for your business’s unique hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal needs including waste paint disposal.  We can work around your current methods for paint disposal to bring you up to code in no time.  We are available to our clients on short notice, as we understand that depending on your business, you may need us to dispose of your hazardous waste quickly.

By meeting the needs of our clients on a consistent and reliable basis, we have had no fines or insurance claims for over 1,000 successfully executed projects.  With a proven track record and a very strong reputation to rely on, you can be certain that City Disposal is the solid choice for both your company’s future and your own piece of mind.

Words From Our Clients

Air-Clean, Inc.

“City Disposal has been our primary Haz Mat disposal service for over 15 years. They have always provided us with first class service at reasonable prices.”

Riva Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

“City Disposal has been nothing but punctual, professional and convenient. We can always count on them to be reliable, consistent and ready for the task at hand.”

Premium Color Group

“City Disposal takes care of all our disposal needs, from start to
finish. They handle all the paperwork, schedule delivery and follow up
to make sure we are satisfied. A reliable, first-class business run by
first-class people.”


“I’ve used City Disposal for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. No one can match their work ethics.”